3 January 2010

O último fósforo em Lisboa

Our "last match exhibition" travels further in an extended version to Lisabon, Portugal. Now there are 165 artists from 38 countries who each made one little drawing about a last match on a little paper in the size of a matchbox, which is displayed on a wall full of matches. The full list of artists you can see on the thelastmatch.wordpress.com. All the artworks currently fit into 7 matchboxes

The exhibition will be opened at 16.30 on the 16th of January in the gallery Artside and will be opened until the 8th of February. Host of the exhibition is the Portuguese comics artist group CHILI COM CARNE and the exhibition will be opened with the presence of the Latvian Embassy of Portugal.

Here is a picture of the exhibition as displayed in Riga last autumn:

More information in Portuguese here

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