9 February 2010

Lost in Poznan

Last Saturday we opened the Latvian exhibition "Lost in the City" at the Comic Art Festival Ligatura in Poznan - the biggest alternative comics festival in Poland which took place for the first time. We had a great time in Poznan and we will write more about it in a later post, so here you just get infos about the kuš!-exhibition. The exhibition took part in a rougher part of the city in the gallery starter which is basically a big flat who shares the building with a massage salon - just the perfect place for an exhibition about being lost...
Above you see the Latvian artist Ingrīda Pičukāne explaining Anete Melece's animation film to visitors. In the middle is José Alaniz, author of the book "Komiks: Comic Art in Russia".

On this picture (above) you can see the silkprints from Oskars Pavlovskis.

Above you see the work "I Are Not, You Am" by Maija Kurševa.

This is the audio-visual work of Kaspars Groševs which in our opinion just looks perfect on the grey background.
Here you see Ingrīda Pičukāne telling her dark story about the little girl getting transformed into tasty meat pies.
Also Dr. John A. Lent, one of the leading proponents of the international study of comics, visited our exhibition and he enjoyed the work of Anete Melece about the things she lost.


  1. looks cold but great!

  2. yeah the heating in the gallery wasn't the best, but I love the gray walls, even though they didn't make the feeling much warmer...

  3. Yeah, grey bacground is amazing! Thanx David & Ingrida - looks sehr good.

  4. Hey great post and blog! Thanks for following my blog by the way!

  5. Saludos desde Chile, y felicitaciones por todas sus actividades en favor de los comic-books...