1 February 2010

Prix de la bande dessinee alternative

Yesterday the Angouleme comics awards were awarded and in the category for alternative comics won special comix vol. 3 from China. The book looks absolutely breathtaking and features stories from 45 of China’s leading illustrators and comic book artists on 640 pages.
More pictures from this book you can find here and the other Angouleme awards you find here.


  1. Did you have a chance to see that chinese anthology? I'd like to but they ask $99 to send it. I'm pretty sure Kus could have won the price, maybe next year!

  2. well when I saw this book in the selection I knew we wouldn't stand a chance:) I just saw pictures and excerpts on this web page I linked, would love to get it, but $99 is unfortunately just a bit over my current budget...