28 March 2010

Finally Medus is out!!!

Luka just told us that the long awaited Lithuanian comic book Medus is released! Congratulations to Gediminas Šiaulys who made it all happen! The book has 168 pages with a beautiful two colour print and is full of very innovative experimental comics and illustrations just like we also like it in kuš! There are comics also by some artists who were previously seen in our magazine: Eikantas and Yoshi. The concept, like Gediminas told us a while ago, was that he invited the best Lithuanian illustrators to create a comics. This makes this book a great overview of young Lithuanian illustrators and could also be very inspiring for comics artists from all over the world, as the comics are far from conventional. Go check it out here. You can buy or/and download it.
The sample page above is out of Yoshi's comics. Very interesting is also that the book is called "Medus 1", so we can look forward to following issues!

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