24 March 2010


"Klusums" is Latvian for quietness. Some people might be wondering what's happening, as the last š! came out in December already and there is no announcement of any new issue. So now we would like to tell you 2010 will NOT be a quite year, there is just no regular rhythm. This year we have wild plans and will release at least 1 š! and at least 2 kuš! (yes you read right, kuš! will be back!). Those issues are also already financed and we are searching for more means to at least release one more š! or kuš!. Also we plan to release a small book in cooperation with 9 Latvian non-comics artist and we'll have around 10-15 exhibitions this year if all works out. 3 exhibitions already took place in Lisbon, Poznan and Linz and there will most probably also be exhibitions in Luzern, Leipzig, Erlangen, Haarlem, Byalstok, Vilnius and Tbilissi. Well and of course also in Latvia, 3 should be in Riga and one might be in Cesis. And now is only March, so maybe we will make even more, let's see. Once megalomania hits you it is hard to stop. However, keep on reading this blog and we'll inform you about it all when it takes place. Keep us busy!


  1. klusums sounds to be a good theme as well!

  2. Yes, but maybe also "megalomania"...