30 April 2010

1 kuš! = 1 big mac

excerpt from Davi Calil's comics in kush! # 4

The first of May is the International workers' day and lots of people go on the streets to fight for more fairness and solidarity. We from kush! don't go on the street, but we want to offer everybody our magazines for a fair price, so for the whole of May we calculate all sales on the basis of the Big Mac Index, whereas:
 1 kush! = 1 Big Mac

According to the Economist, the BMI is arguably the most accurate financial indicator and we like you to animate not to eat big macs but to read kush instead, and this for the same price, no matter where you are from! Just click on the index link above and see how much you pay for a big mac, no matter from which country you are from, it should be, if not significantly, at least still slightly cheaper than the usual price. This big mac price we charge you for all numbers of kush! and sh! Don't worry about ordering a lot, as this will not make you fat. Go to http://www.komikss.lv/ and choose your meal, order it from kushmens(at)gmail.com and we treat you with pleasure. There will also be some sending costs which we will calculate individually, to keep it as low as possible.