25 June 2010

Best Fanzine Award

Our friend Christian from Passenger Press just told us about a great competition for fanzines which he coordinates. Really the only thing bad about is that kuš! can't participate, we seem to fancy to be called a fanzine, but anyway we are very happy to spread the information. So if you are making fanzines, send them to Italy and win a trip to the Slowcomics Festival in Monza!

Here is the info:

Best Fanzine Slowcomics AWARD
AUTODROMO NAZIONALE di MONZA, September 18-19, 2010

Creativity has always been driven artists, graphic designers, art lovers or simple self-taught artists, full of desire to express  themselves, to self print their fanatic magazines. Self-produced  publications those, in some particular historical moments, have also shown alternative forms of free expression. Proud of "limited edition"
publications made in Italy, we open with a strong sense of international to authors from around the world and within Sloworld 2010, section Slowcomics, and we hold our first competition for fanzines from around the world.

Are you a talented designer with a great desire to express yourself? You have published photocopying, screen-printing and pasting your comics magazine, or a small anthology with your original drawns? Have you involved your friends or colleagues of art school? Then enter our  prize Slowcomics Best Fanzine, sending three copies of your zine and an information (as specified by the regulation on the site here previously resumed). Participation is free. The jury will be composed of  communications professionals who are still amazed by the creativity,  however expressed, when it represents something new and exciting!

Waiting for your publications!

About regulation: www.sloworld.eu
on construction site

Contacts: passenger72@gmail.com
Please for question use subject
Best Fanzine Slowcomics AWARD INFOS

An event organized by the Fondazione Franco Fossati in collaboration with Passenger Press

Regulation Slowcomics Best Fanzine
Participation is free. Every group or artist have to send at least  three copies (3) of every issue before 25 of July and an info factsheet  about zine project. Every zine sent will be promoted on the site of Sloworld and there will  be three winners.
The first prize is 500 euro! Wow!
The second and third one are comics books gently offered by Italian indy comics publisher Passenger Press.

Shipping address:
Slowcomics Best Fanzine
Fondazione Franco Fossati
via S. Gottardo 104
20052 Monza (MB)

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