26 September 2010


A non-international drawing exhibition by 11 contemporary Latvian artists.
Participants: Andrejs Lavrinovičs, Kristians Brekte, Rūta Briede, Raids Kalniņš, Velta Ķešāne, Ernests Kļaviņš, Maija Kurševa, Ingrīda Pičukāne, Bulats Ratkevičs, Arnolds Soms, Mārtiņš Zutis. Curator: David Schilter. Exhibition logo by Markus Häfliger (Switzerland). 

The works at the explosition* provide an ironic view of the correlation of local and global processes, as well as subverts the traditional format concept of a contemporary art exhibition. For the first time in history a collective drawing by 11 Latvian artists will be on display.
„This exhibition is a collective piece of work that avoids a subjective interpretation of the current epoch, instead offering a range of diverse studies, various opinions as well as memories based on different experiences. The exhibition was created over a rather long period of time and the energy that went into making it happen can be measured not only in the number of drawings and artists but also in the informative density of materials and interpretations. A place in a larger mosaic for Latvian art of drawing is possible by creating our own overview of the processes that would allow contextualizing it in order to comprehend the proportions of connections and singularities and the relations between them,” says David Schilter, the curator of „Explosition”. 

Exhibition opening starts on Monday, 27th September, 7 pm - all artists will be present and willing to receive a flower or a few, a long speech will be held, further entertainment provided by DJ Skrudra and wine will delight all lovers of contemporary art and drawings. 

The LCCA Office Gallery is located on 13 Alberta Street, Riga; open Mon – Fri, 12pm – 6 pm.
Organized by: Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, comics magazine "kuš!"

Partners and supporters: Domubiedru grupu „Raķetes un salūti”, MiiT

* The organizers of the exhibition reserve the right to alter the artistic content of the exhibition.

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  1. Information in Latvian here: http://www.lcca.lv/projekti/eksplozicija/