21 October 2010

kuš! # 7 + 8

Kuš! # 7 and 8 were released in July and September respectively. Both issues come perfect bound and have more pages than every issue before. If you didn't get them up to know, you can now get them in Riga in the following stores: Janis Roze, Satori, Muhamors, Randoms, Miit, Lukabuka and Galerija Istaba. Outside of Riga they are available for example in Freaks in Barcelona, in Neurotitan, Berlin and among some other places they are also available over the net on http://www.komikss.lv/?section=shop. Go and buy them, this way you support kuš! to realize new issues. They are pretty cheap too.

kuš! # 7, Music, more pictures here

 kuš! # 8, allotments, more pictures here

Well and sorry about this spam-like blog entry, we just would like to make some space in our office and spread those, in our opinion, great issues. Soon we will hopefully release something new and also keep you updated about other comics-related news from Latvia, as there are some special events coming up soon...

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