10 November 2010

KomiksFest impressions

In the beginning of November we had the nice opportunity to show "the last match"-exhibition at the KomiksFest in Prague. Here are some impressions of it and also a bit of the rest of the Festival.

First off we visited the exhibition by Moki, who also was in Riga two years ago. Was nice to meet her again and see her very beautiful works.

In this tower we set up our exhibition. You can still visit it until the 28.11. Check their press release, somehow they mixed up everything that is possible. All of the sudden we are Lithuanians and the exhibition is called "the last march", probably fits better to this medieval building...
Setting up the matches, this time 263 already.

We don't have our exhibition in a white cube, but on a white cube.

On this picture you can see Igor Baranko, who had his solo exhibition next door, and Lenka Djorojevic and Matej Stupica, who set up the stripburger exhibition "Greetings from Cartoonia".

Here the set-up is already finished. The museum people even put a glas frame around it, so fancy.

 Our white cube from the other side

Exhibition opening speech by the Festival organizers Janka Fantova and Joachim Dvořák (thanks for inviting us!)

Czech comics star Lucie Lomová  and Stripburger David Krančan, both of whom also contributed to the last match.

So that's all from this very nice festival in beautiful Prague. Just a pity we couldn't stay longer - there were still new exhibitions opening every day after we left. So if you ever plan to go there, it is probably best, if you visit at the end of the festival, as there will be the full range of exhibitions to be visited!

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