26 January 2011

Angouleme 2011

From the 27th until the 30th of January is again the biggest comics festival of Europe taking place in Angouleme. Unfortunately once again we won't be able to visit it. But still kuš! will be there. Our friend Christian from Passenger Press has all English issues of kuš! at his stand. Go by there and check it out and also pick up one of his amazing anthologies. All the Passenger Anthologies are cooperations between movie directors/script writers and comics artist who bring the stories into a visual experience.
In addition to that you surely should also check out the treasure fleet. It is the new mini-comic-distribution-project formed by Aisha Franz, Till Thomas, Sharmila Banerjee + Martin Ernstsen (Salmiak Comics), Ana Albero + Till Hafenbrak + Paul Paetzel (Biografiktion) and they carry the kuš! issues wich have contributions by Aisha, Till H. and Paul.

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