11 April 2011

Fumetto Report II

We are having a great time at the International Comics Festival Fumetto. There are amazing exhibitions, but unfortunately it is not allowed to picture them, anyhow, we got some nice pictures from outside the forbidden zone...

Shock in Lucerne. This is how our box of kuš! arrived. At least the books inside remained in pristine condition.

Every festival Anete Melece (on the right) seems to find a double. This year it was Nine Antico from France and they even had "partner look" when meeting the very first time. So charming!

Here you see the same Anete with our kuš! Stammgast König Lü.Q who doesn't look too similar...

Atak is enjoying some quiet reading below his beautiful silkprint (buy here, cheap!).

Aisha Franz even in her free time can't stop signing books. She has a lot of fans at the festival, we are also counting us to them!

 Enjoying the sunset at the lake of Lucerne together with Nine, Laurence and Brecht.

Misaki Kawai is posing in front of Lynn's new Ferrari. Good times for comics in Switzerland!

Dice got a little horse to pose with at the Fumetto party...

.... and the Kasseler Crew posed with kuš! David. From left to right: Isabel Seliger, Michael Meier, Rene Rogge, kuš! David and Thomas Wellmann.

Always jolly good times at the Fumetto parties... When walking home spotted this nice still life on the street. It is most probably not an installation of Beni Bischof, anyhow it slightly reminded us of his amazing art, which can also be seen at Fumetto. Really a must see!

More pictures of Fumetto coming soon. Best is you come and get your own impression of one of the very best comics festivals there is!

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