22 September 2011

Helsinki Reloaded

As we just can't get enough of Finland, we (kuš!) visited Helsinki for the third time this year, this time to attend the great Sarjakuvafestivaalit. We had a jolly good time and learned that if you drink vodka in a coffee cup, you should also use a coffee cup cover not to spill it in anyone's face once the tram makes abrupt movements, yeah, but that's another story, let's focus on comics related happenings:
 So as there was a big comics fair, we got a table where we presented our issues.

Amongst lots of international and Finnish guests also Daniel Csordas from Hungary visited us.

 Next to us Andrea Bruno was tabling with the excellent Italian anthology Canicola.

Sanita is joking around with our neighbors Vincenzo Filosa (Canicola) and Marcos Farrajota (Chili Com Carne), in the back you can spot Sharmila Banerjee and Max Baitinger...
 ... and then going back to work with Sabīne Moore (kuš! of course)...

...while David is already sick of all the colorful comics and reading some black and white newspaper without pictures.

After a lot of sitting around he (middle, from left to right) stretched his legs in the small press tent talking about small press secrets with small press people Marcos (Chili), Juliacks (Swell), Vincent (still Canicola) and Frau Franz (The Treasure Fleet).

Above you see some pictures of our Midnight Sun exhibition at the MBAR. showing a preview of the special Finnish issue of kuš! featuring the following contributors Aino Sutinen, Amanda Vähämäki, Anna Sailamaa, Evan Androutsopoulos,  Henrik Duncker, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jari Vaara, Jarno Latva-Nikkola, Jyrki Heikkinen, Karri Laitinen, Katja Tukiainen, Katri Sipiläinen, Kuningas Lü. Q., Mari Ahokoivu, Marko Turunen, Mikko Luostarinen, Mikko Väyrynen,  Roope Eronen, Tommi Musturi and Ville Hänninen. (More info about this soon!!!)
Out of nothing Black Peider showed up and made sure nobody would miss the International Comics Battle.

8 International artist took part in this exciting comics tournament...

... but only one could win... and the KOLOR KLIMAX goes to Sabīne Moore!

Did we mention that Frau Franz was also at the Festival? ...

...so was Gregor Hinz, showing his excitement to be our table neighbor...

... and Sam Arthur from Nobrow Press...

... well and next to dozens (lots of dozens) other amazing artists and publishers and warmly wrapped up guests (sketched by Sabīne Moore, like all the following illustrations in this post)...

...there were also some visitors from the Animal Kingdom.

BTW, just to make you jealous, this was the view to the sea at our place of residence at the Latvian Embassy to Finland. Thanks a lot for the great hospitality!

Next to enjoying our time there or at the Festival, we also had a fine dinner with our friend Kristin...

 ... and made a visit to Finland's high security prison on Suomenlinna.

Well we are happy that not only we had fun at this great festival and want to thank all our nice visitors and especially all the organizers and staff of this Festival. See you next year!!!


  1. reading this was biiig fun.
    Sarjakuvafestivaalit, i´ll be there next year
    with a cup full of wodka

  2. Yeah, next time, remember the coffee cup cover.

    It was lots of fun to have you here, I hope we'll see you soon again!!

  3. See you earlier than you think!

  4. Maybe see you earlier than you think we think you think!!!