26 November 2011


Today is the international BUY NOTHING DAY as well as the international SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS DAY, so it is certainly a great day for just buying comics. Slightly inspired by the Comics Reporter's holiday shopping list we decided to create our own list and suggest you to buy some things from international Small Press we love. The list is in no particular order:

- Café con leche
Small press from Mexico lead by Inés and Roi. Full of great bargains. Sweep through, we just got ourselves Mitocondria but can also warmly recommend GANG BANG BONG, or any of the beautiful stickers!

Zine and comix distribution service provided by John Porcellino since 1992. Get yourself the new King Cat, issue #72 (!)

Cutting-edge comics from Finland! They currently sell prints and original artwork to support their studio. We also recommend to subscribe to Kuti!


One of the most interesting new publishers around, supporting amazing new artists from Canada and abroad. Among everything else we suggest you to get LOSE #3 by š! #7 contributor Michael DeForge.

French publisher specialized in sick screen and comics with a very low print run. They have exhibitions all over the world and last year we were happy to host them in Latvia. A print by Léo Quievreux will certainly make all your visitors envious!

- Retrofit Comics

Amazing project by Box Brown aiming to publish 17 books by 17 artists within 17 months or so. Among the first books is BOWMAN, a truly crazy retro science-fiction story by the insane š! #7 contributor Pat Aulisio.

- Drawn & Quarterly
These guys need no introduction. Everything they publish is just perfect. They can really suck the money out of your pockets, so watch out. Here we suggest the book "We are on our own" by kuš! #7 contributor Miriam Katin, the story of a mother and her daughter’s survival in WW2. Get this and basically everything else...

- Nobrow

Their goal is to be an "Independent publishing platform for illustration and the graphic arts that showcases some of the best talent out there today". They surely have succeeded... You might wanna consider getting Klaus by Richard Short.

Connection of Édition Biografiktion, My Own Press, Salmiak & Ulama - some of the coolest small press guys from Germany. Get everything, but make sure you also get Brigitte by š! #5 contributor Aisha Franz.

Probably the coolest comics gallery there is... If you write them nicely, they might even send you books you order, if not, you might have to go yourself to Vienna, to get this beauty by Simon Häußle directly from the comics machine.

- PictureBox

About themselves: "Online and in-print visual publisher and emporium Mildly hysterical but keeping it together. Sorta" . Surely when publishing 1-800 MICE, they kept it all together. We highly recommend to get this book by kuš! #7 contributor Matthew Thurber.

- Canicola

Fine comics publisher from Italy. They realized the amazing idea to make an alternative children comics book, which certainly is also a great read for adults. Seriously, get it! It also features work by some kuš! contributors: Anete Melece, Anna Deflorian and Brecht Vandenbroucke!

- Thickness

Mind-blowing anthology series of erotic comics edited by š! #9 guest editor Ryan Sands and Michael DeForge, who also did the cover above! Put this under your own Christmas tree!


(The !! stands for the rabbit's face!) They don't publish comics, but produce the most beautiful sketchbooks which you can use to draw comics in. Forget Moleskine, this is the new real thing for every creative artist!

- kuš! komikss

Yay, if you haven't noticed, that's us. You know by now, that reading kuš! saves your soul, but make sure to do it regularly. We, of course, highly suggest you to buy everything from our webstore! The drawing above is by kuš! regular Martins Zutis.

Ok that's it, we could make the list much longer, as there are lots of comics out there we love and you certainly would too... In case you think we seriously missed out on something (and you are surely right on this), then feel free to post your suggestion in the comments. You are very welcome to use it for shameless self-promotion!


  1. Inés Estrada compiled her own wishlist, very great stuff, see here:


    THANKS for including me in it! Really cool of you!