1 November 2011

š! #9 "female secrets" preview

In June we together with guest editor Ryan Sands announced an open call for female artists to contribute to š! #9 “female secrets”. We received well over 100 contributions by 97 international artists (including 27 from Latvia). The works were of utmost diversity and it took us a while to select the comics to be published. However, now after litres of sweat (gallons for Ryan) it is done and the issue soon will go be out (according to our printer on the 21st of November)! Here we proudly reveal the up-to-now secret artist list:
 Akvilė Misevičiūtė (Lithuania) www.magicdust.molestar.org

Anete Melece (Latvia) www.anetemelece.lv

Angie Wang (USA) www.okchickadee.com

 Anita Rupeika (Latvia) www.rupeika.info

 Anja Wicki (Switzerland) www.anjawicki.ch

 Anna Vaivare (Latvia) http://annavaivare.blogspot.com

 Betty Liang (Canada) www.behance.net/bettyliang

 Dunja Janković (Croatia) www.tripica.org

 Emily Carroll (Canada) www.emcarroll.com

 Husmann/Tschäni (Switzerland) www.husmanntschaeni.com

 Ieva Gvazdaitytė (Lithuania) http://whitecardboard.blogspot.com

 Inés Estrada (Mexico) http://inechi.com

 Ingrīda Pičukāne (Latvia) www.ipicukane.id.lv

 Jen Wang (USA) www.jenwang.net

Kirsten Carina Geißer (Germany) www.kirstencarina.blogspot.com

Kris Mukai (USA) www.krismukai.com

 Lala Albert (USA) www.plslala.com

 Lilli Loge (Germany) www.lilliloge.de

Māra Viška (Latvia) www.viska.lv

 Mickey Zacchilli (USA) http://mickeyz.org

 Queen Lü.Q. (Switzerland) http://lueq.wordpress.com

 Renata Gąsiorowska (Poland) www.frfcl.blogspot.com

 Rūta Briede (Latvia) http://rutabriede.com

 Sabīne Moore (Latvia) http://illu-sab.deviantart.com

Sophia Foster-Dimino (USA) www.sophia-foster-dimino.com
 Zejian Shen (China/USA) http://zesansan.com

The issue is already available at our webshop for pre-order. You can pre-order it now for only 12 dollars and we will ship it to you when we receive it from the printer. 
Format: A6 (approx. 4" x 6"), 164 pages, full color, glued binding, English, supported by the Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation

See some preview pics here: http://kushkomikss.tumblr.com/tagged/female_secrets

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