17 January 2012

Behind The Comics I - Lars Sjunnesson

In theater to get to know more you look behind the curtains and in films you look behind the scenes - we thought it would be interesting to have a glimpse behind the comics created for kuš! and herewith we start this new series "Behind The Comics" in which kuš artists will give you an insight into their work.
The series starts off with Berlin-based artist Lars Sjunnesson from Sweden. He currently doesn't have a website, but to get to know him better you can check Comicstills.com or Sanatorium.se

Lars was guarding Marcos Farrajota’s cats at the Chilicomcarne headquarter in Lisbon. There he discovered some issues of š! and decided to make his own comics contribution for us. Strange ways how artists discover us... Now Lars has finished the story "Strange Shit At Sea" for our next issue (š! #10 'sea stories'), he sent us some pictures and tells us the following:

I like to combine stuff that doesn't work together, like crayons or felt pens on acrylic color and then work it over with scalpel-blades or something.

The alternative would be to use normal pens on normal paper, which seems a bit boring. I don't know.

A good story writes itself. You can't force a story to become something it doesn't want to be. And never use your brain while you're working.

Sketches never work, so I never do any sketches. If I'm asked to show sketches of my work I always do them after I've completed the real drawings, which means that all my sketches are fakes. Like this one.

Josip Broz Tito. The main character in the book 'Bosnian Flat Dog'. His uniform is a bit dusty and needs a brush up, otherwise he's fine.

The cats are puking  in the background.

The two girls are called Ikü and Üki. They are twins or something... I've used them in other stories before this one.
Nature. Can it be trusted? This is the main theme of most of my stories right now.

Thanks a lot to Lars Sjunnesson for this entertaining insight! Hopefully soon other artists will also tell us more what is going on behind their comics!

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  1. hahahahahaha
    Lucifera & Deus, Lisbon, Latvia and Lars!
    The Curse of the L

  2. Wow its very nice your behind work scenes Lars. Even if I already saw them in real. I wounder did Tito made anything in your drawings?