24 January 2012

Two-headed comics artist

The biggest Latvian daily DIENA shocked its readers today with this picture of a two-headed comics artist on its front cover.

The title of the story reads: "Different view on comics". And below the picture it says "everything alright, but". Turns out it is just a marketing trick, because as you open the newspaper you can see this artist is actually two artists, not only with two heads, but also two bodies.

Some people might be slightly disppointed, but we are happy that they featured a story about our Nordicomics/Naturegraffix exhibition and interviewed kuš! contributors Ruta Briede and Martins Zutis on spot, as well as Oskars Pavlovskis and Dace Sietina via phone to Lisbon and Gouda.

If you want to read the whole article, you might have to buy the newspaper. The main content is that comics are not what you expect from a media with such a comical name and there are more details about kuš!, the artists themselves, the exhibition and the upcoming comics battle in Nabaklab.

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