28 May 2012

Drink & Draw with Toby and Gary Baseman

Gary Baseman, Toby (see above), Jana Brike, Oskars Pavlovskis, Gunaars Miezis, Inese Verina, Linda Konone, Ruuta Briede and Ruta, Aiste Mo, Kuš! David and Sanita Kuš! were the line-up of last Thursday's artventurous drink & draw. Gary Baseman was on a personal research tour through Poland and the Ukraine and then came to Latvia as Fulbright specialist, lecturing and doing workshops in the Latvian Art Academy. Nicely he agreed to meet up with us to do a comics jam. To see how much fun we had and what we did we will now show you some pictures!

In the following pics you can see us in action:


Gary Baseman also brought his amazing sketchbook where we got a peek inside:


And here you can see the collective drawings we made:


At a kuš! drink&draw we of course also make comics, and this is how they came out:

That's it! Thanks to all participants for this special evening and a huge THANK YOU to Gary Baseman and Jana Brike for joining us!

PLEASE NOTE: Gary Baseman stays a few more days in Latvia and YOU also have the chance to meet him: On Tuesday the 29th of May at 5pm he holds a lecture at the Latvian Art Academy (click for more info) and on Wednesday at 6pm there will be an artist talk with him at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (click click). Both events are for free and will give the exceptional opportunity to meet up with Gary Baseman! See you there!

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