9 June 2012

Kick ass!

For about 4 months we managed to keep a very exciting secret, but now we finally can proudly reveal it:

Annie Koyama will be co-editing š! #12

 Michael DeForge's Kickass Annie (more here)

Annie Koyama, also known as Kickass Annie, is the owner and publisher of Toronto-based Koyama Press, one of the most fabulous alternative comics publishers around! Annie founded Koyama Press in 2007, the same year the first kuš! saw the light. Her mandate is to promote and provide support to an array of emerging and established artists. A former producer of documentaries, feature films and commercials, Koyama had no prior experience in publishing. However, in a few short years she has developed a fantastically diverse collection of art projects, zines, prints, publications, and comics from a variety of international and Canadian artists that have garnered numerous accolades and awards.

The š! she will be co-editing with us will come out in fall 2012 and will have a futuristic theme, promising to showcase works by some of the very best alternative comics artists from Northern America and Europe (including Latvia). More details will be revealed closer to the release of this "Koyama kuš!" issue - now we need to slowly calm down from our excitement and get working again!

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