6 September 2012

mini kuš! #6 'Killman' coming soon

In the end of September we will release 4 new mini kuš!, one of them will be Killman by Box Brown

Box Brown’s hero Robert Cordozar Brodus Killman is on a mission to kill all gods, but it isn’t all that easy. First he needs to fight his biggest foe - The Everything. Be prepared for an epic space battle!

Format: A6, 28 pages, stiched binding, full-color, English with Latvian subtitles

Get it: will be released on the 26th of September 2012, pre-order it at our webshop!

Preview: Here are the first three pages:

About the Author:

Box Brown // *1980, USA. Box Brown‘s comics and illustrations have been featured in Mad Magazine and on Wired.com. His web and print comic Everything Dies received two Ignatz Awards and was listed in Best American Comics Anthology Notable Comics list of 2011. The same year he launched his comics publishing outfit Retrofit. Earlier this year Blank Slate published his graphic novel The Survivalist and currently he is working on a comic biography of pro wrestler Andre the Giant. He also contributed to š! #10 'sea stories'.

Visit his website http://www.boxbrown.com, follow him on twitter and pre-order Killman.

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