19 October 2012

Kušmens at the printing house

š! #12 is currently getting printed. So Kušmens went to visit the printing house to take a look if everything looks as it should.

Here you can see where the magic is happening:

Nice and extremely interesting... but let's take a look at the actual uncut prints:

Above you can see some printed pages with comics by Maciej Sieńczyk, Julie Delporte, Jane Mai, Ryan Cecil Smith and Tiina Lehikoinen and all looks very satisfying! Everything is good so far, but how about the cover?

Ta-daaa!!! Magnificient! Both Michael DeForge as well as the printer did an absolutely effing fabulous job! Time for Kušmens to make a little dance with the proof and show it off to the fishermen at Daugava's coast.

They were unimpressed, but they are probably not the targent audience of a futuristic comics anthology, right? 

What counts is that Kušmens is very pleased with it and smiling! After his fullfilled checking duty he was told the whole issue will soon be fully printed and bound. If you like to get one, you can already pre-order it from our webshop (click click click!)

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