19 December 2012

kuš! cookie competition

You probably heard this before "it's that time of the year...". Well, at the kuš! HQ we like to spend that time baking cookies. To make it a bit more interesting for us, we took comics characters which have appeared in our publications and turned them into tasty sugerlumps which we'll soon happily devour!

To make it more interesting also for you, we decided to post these cookies and make a competition! If you can name the character and/or artist behind each cookie you can win a š! and three of the new mini kuš! of your choice plus a bunch of postcards. There are 11 cookies and the more you guess right, the better your chances for this prize.

Just send us an email to kushmens(at)gmail(dot)com with your list until the 24th of December (your local time). The correct solutions and the winner will be announced on the 25th.

AND THE WINNER IS....  Liisa Kivimäe! Congratulations! liisa guessed all the cookies right, see the correct solution updated below:

So here are the cookies:

1. Jane Mai in š! #12 'future 2.0'

2. John Martz's robots in š! #12 'future 2.0'

3.Killman from mini kuš! #6 by Box Brown

4. From Leather Space Friend by Michael DeForge in š! #12 'future 2.0'

5. Hydriola by Maciej Sieńczyk in š! #10 'Sea Stories'

6. Theodotus Werp fom mini kuš! #7 by Ernests Kļaviņš & Andrejs Kļaviņš 

7. A tiger from mini kuš! #8 by Akvilė Misevičiūtė

8. Kickass Annie in š! #12 'future 2.0'

9. Megg by Simon Hanselmann from upcoming š! #13

10. From Patrick Kyle's story in š! #12 'future 2.0'

11. König Lü. Q., contributor of every š! issue

Ok, we are wondering if you can get those right. If not, we probably have to practice more in baking. However, we like to give you some clues.... Some of the characters are from the newest mini kuš!,  from š! #10 'Sea Stories', from š! #12 'Future 2.0' and one is from the upcoming š! #13 'Life is live".

We wish you a happy guessing and happy holidays!!!

Thanks for guessing!!!

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