7 May 2013

Behind the Comics XII - Marlene Krause

The newest 'Behind the Comics' comes from š! #13 'Life Is Live' contributor Marlene Krause.

Marlene Krause // *1984, Germany. Marlene founded the comics anthology Two Fast Colour together with Martina Lenzin. She has contributed to publications like ORANG, Colibri, Nobrow and Turkey Comix. Her first graphic novel ‘A un autre endroit’ is published by L’Association in May 2013. Marlene loves black chocolate with almonds and riding her bike up and down the hills of Barcelona.

Now read about her adventures drawing her comics for š! #13 'Life Is Life': 

Well, unfortunately on New Year's eve I crashed with my bike and broke my left collarbone. At first I wasn't even able to walk, so I spent loads of time at home, and the first thing I did was sending this NewYears-greeting to my friends:

It says in German: "Happy New Year! oh, what's that? ---My broken collarbone--- My bike is well though... See you soon!"

Anyway, a left arm that you can't use is no problem for a right-handed drawer, you may think. But as drawing is not only holding a pencil, things became difficult, and I had to draw my story for š! like this:

That's me sharpening a pencil:

Drawing with the geometrical triangle:

As I could not  go by bike for more than one month, I had to take the metro and because I must not carry heavy things, I have this little shopping cart. I can't go up the stairs with it, but because I hate to stand on the escalator, I walk up and wait for it to follow me. It's  a strange kind of amusement and people stare at me sometimes.

After 6 weeks I was allowed to take off the sling I had been wearing to help the healing of the bone. My left arm was about half as big than before because all the muscles vanished, so I had to do physiotherapy with a guy called Lluis in the hospital. In the physiotherapy gym it looks more or less like this:

So, yesterday I went to see doctor Proubasta (this name is a strange combination of spanish and catalan and means Dr. Enough-enough!) who looked at my X-ray pics and then told me that I'm fully cured now! Olé!

Thanks a lot to Marlene for her painful insight! Quite amazing what you can do despite a broken collar bone... Marlene has stayed very active, as you can see on her blog: marlenekrause.blogspot.com

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