15 October 2013

Experimental Comics Workshop in Riga

kuš! together with Slovenian artist Adrijan Praznik will hold an experimental comics and printing workshop at Totaldobže on Sunday the 27th of October.

Contents of the workshop:

- experimental storytelling and alternative approaches in comics
- use of modern technology in comics
- introduction of a special but simple printing technique
- how to apply paper on wooden stretchers

You will make your own print and apply it on a frame, which you can take home. The workshop will be held in English.

Time and place:

- Approximately 4-5 hours
- Sunday, 27/10/2013
- Starts 14:00 at Totladobže, former VEF factory Riga


Adrijan Praznik (Ljubljana 1988), currently a graduate of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He has actively exhibited at home and abroad.

For his achievements in the field of art he received a scholarship for gifted students from the Municipality of Ljubljana and the award of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design for special achievements in the field of painting. His works have been published in the newspaper Tribuna, comics magazine Stripburger and in magazines Fotografija and Praznine IV.


6.00 Lats to cover costs of the materials to make your own print.

Take part:

If you're at least 18 years old and interested in comics and printing, apply by sending an e-mail to kushmens(at)gmail(dot)com until the 23rd of October. Limited places for maximum 15 participants! No previous knowledge required as long as you share the passion of making art.

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