6 February 2014

The Last Match in Ljubljana!

Late last year kuš! brought 'The Last Match' to Kino Šiška in Ljubljana, Slovenia where they called it Poslednja vžigalica. We had such an amazing time there with our hosts from Stripburger, that we almost where too shy to report about it, but now it is time to share some of our impressions.

The growing travelling exhibition had already 364 tiny artworks. Oskars Pavlovskis is labeling them here.

At the exhibition Oskars also drew a huge mural of a "Last Match Monster".
 We managed to set it up incredibly fast, so here is how it looked. The pieces got displayed in very nice vitrines that some dubbed as huge ashtrays and others as heaters. Either way, a great way to show tiny artworks on the theme of last matches. So here are some more pics:

As we were so productive we even had some time for tourism and went to the quest to find the famous Kremšnite in Bled.
We looked at the wrong place and almost fell off this steep mountain where we enjoyed this picturesque panorama.

The little city of Bled was just full with commercials for this beautiful sweet. And finally we got it!
Well after this attempt to draw some food bloggers to our site, let's return to comics...

Back in Ljubljana we claimed an empty market stand and tried to sell s! #15 'Cats'.
But people were surly more interested in a good piece of shark meat.
Back at Kino Šiska we had a blurry kuš! presentation evening and screening of selected Baltic animation shorts (curated by 2Annas).

Of course we also visited the Stripburger office, where Katra was still working late into the night...
 ... so David Krančan showed us their impressive library they accumulated in the last 25 years or so.

Then we got to another field trip to the coal-mining town Velenje. Stripburger sure knew how to entertain us! Unfortunately the miners calender was already sold out, but we got to see the not less impressive Workburger exhibition.


 Thanks to the best timing ever, we also managed to see Europe's oldest Graphics Biennial

Well, if you ever get so lucky to be invited to Slovenia, go!!! Thanks a lot to our hosts Katra, David and Tanja! We hope to visit you again soon!


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