23 September 2014

Komiksu konkurss 2014

Yesterday the entry period for the comics competition (Komiksu konkursu 2014) which we organised together with the Royal Embassy of Belgium in Latvia successfully ended!

Illustration: Rūta Briede, winner of the 2013 comics competition

In July we announced the second annual comics competition. Every Latvian above the age of 16 years was invited to send in a story of up to 4 pages on the theme of "Body Factory". The theme was based on De humani corporis fabrica by the Belgian Andreas Vesalis. In honor of the 500 anniversary of this book the Belgian embassy and Paula Stradiņa Medicīnas vēstures muzejs organize an exhibition during the Belgian days in November and there also the 10 best comics of the competition will be shown. 

The call for entries was very successful as we received many wonderful works. Even two more than last year. There were 77 entries from all around Latvia and from some Latvians abroad. The future of Latvian comics does look female, as two thirds of the entries were from women. The youngest participant was 16 years and the oldest 57.

Now it's time for the jury to read the entries and to pick the winners. It will be a hard tasks, so they will be announced in November!

Thanks a lot to all the sponsors who make this award possible, to the partners for spreading the news and giving support and huge thanks to all the participants who are hopefully inspired to draw many more comics!

Konkursa ģenerālsponsori: Beļģijas Karalistes Vēstniecība Latvijā un Beļģijas-Luksemburgas-Latvijas tirdzniecības kamera

Konkursa partneri: Paula Stradiņa Medicīnas vēstures muzejs, Arctic Paper, tipogrāfija Dardedze Hologrāfija, HungryLab, Latvijas Mākslas Akadēmija, žurnāls VETO, nedēļas žurnāls Ir, FOLD, Arterritory, Mana Rīga.

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