12 September 2014

Zine Making Workshop

kuš! invites you to take part in the zine workshop with Inés Estrada, artist from Mexico, and a special guest presentation by Maris Dagis, CEO and founder of Sellfy.

The workshop will be held in The Mill on Saturday the 20th of September.


Zines are self-made publications elaborated in limited editions, and an attractive and useful medium to distribute your work as an illustrator or artist. In this workshop Inés Estrada will discuss more about what is a zine, as well as what is the process of making one: from the original drawings to the production of the copies and their distribution. The intention of the workshop is to elaborate a zine that can be reproduced later by photocopying or any other reproduction technique. 

While Inés Estrada will introduce you to paper-based zines, Maris Dagis will hold a short presentation about the distribution of digital content! In his presentation he will tell why and how to publish on the net with lots of examples and tips from things he's learned from the authors at Sellfy.com.
The Lecturers

Inés Estrada is an illustrator from Mexico City that has been making comics and self-publishing them as zines since 2006. She has participated in different comics festivals around the world and has also been part of the organization of a local zine fest since 2012 called Zin Amigos. She writes a weekly comics column for Vice Mexico and regularly contributes to kuš! and many other international publications.

Maris Dagis is a technology entrepreneur from Riga. He's the co-founder and CEO at Sellfy and founding member of The Mill co-working space.

Info Overview

- When: 20. September 2014, 14.00 - 17.00
- Where: The Mill, Brīvības iela 33, 2nd floor, Rīga
- Language: The workshop will be held in English
- Who: This workshop would be best suited for artists, illustrators and graphic designers, but we encourage anyone interested to take part, regardless of their field of expertise.
- Materials: needed for the participants: drawing materials (pencils, crayons, pen, ink, markers, etc.), material to cut out (prints of your work, magazines for collage making, etc.)
- Optional materials that are encouraged for the participants to bring: an example of your work: It can be a comic you're working on, a selection of illustrations, or any other thing you've made as long as it's on a paper.
- Costs: it's free, sponsored by kuš!, The Mill, Sellfy

Take Part

Send an e-mail to kushmens(at)gmail.com until the 18th of September. First come first (re)served, maximum 20 participants.

It's time to sharpen your pencils and minds. Apply now to take part in this unique workshop!

Support: The Mill, Sellfy

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