17 March 2015

Artist residency in Finland for Latvians

The Rozentals Society (Somijas-Latvijas draudzibas biedriba Rozentals) invites Latvian professionals from all creative businesses to apply for a residence in Fiskars village, Finland. This includes working craftspeople, designers, visual artists, architects, industrial designers, performing artists, composers, musicians, curators, producers, journalists, writers and researchers.

The residency period for applicants is September 2015. The accommodation for the resident artist is free of charge.  The artist also gets support to cover the travel fees from Finnish-Latvian Trade association. Rozentals Society offers a fully furnished apartment with private kitchen, bathroom and work space in a traditional Scandinavian-style house in the heart of Fiskars Village. It is suitable also for a small family or two artists that can share the apartment for the residency period. The artists must finance their own travel to/from the village, their living costs and working materials. Rozentals Society also wishes that the artist is willing to do a presentation of their work to the members of the society.

Resident artist/artists are selected on the basis of applications (work plan, CV and portfolio).

Rozentals Society was founded to promote broader understanding of Latvian social, cultural and economic life in Finland. Mission of residency program is to stimulate the professional exchange and networking between creative professionals of Finland and Latvia. Rozentals Society carries out its own publishing activities, arranges seminars, educational events and cultural activities in co-operation with other organizations.

Fiskars is a unique community of people in creative sector. Permanent residents of the Fiskars village are artists, designers, photographers, writers, musicians, goldsmiths, tattoo artists and craftsmen in many fields. Depending on the field of action, resident will have the possibility to work together with local artists. The co-working possibilities will be planned together with the resident artist.

Please find attached link to the application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1s4aEt6RtjJKEhopIwJ-rYTOMW9f7rNdQg8bORytYMsM/viewform. Here are also links with more information about Fiskars village and possibilities that residency might bring to the resident artist: www.fiskarsair.fi, www.fiskarsvillage.fi

Deadline: 19th of April 2015

Additional information:

Fiskars Residence Programm curator Kati Sointukangas, fiskarsair@gmail.com
Rozentals Society info@rozentals-seura.fi

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