1 May 2015

š! #21 'Business Time' released!

Right in time for workers' day the 21st comics anthology š! was released with the theme 'Business Time'.  Twenty Latvian and international artists got up early, brushed their teeth, put on their nicest suits and created business-minded stories for š! #21 'Business Time'.

Cover: Brecht Vandenbroucke (Belgium)

Contributors: Ann Pajuväli (Estonia), Anna Haifisch (Germany), Anna Vaivare (Latvia), Berliac (Argentina), Brecht Vandenbroucke (Belgium), Chris Kuzma (Canada), Disa Wallander (Sweden), Harukichi (Japan), Jeroen Funke (The Netherlands), König Lü.Q. (Switzerland), Lai Tat Tat Wing (Hong Kong), Laura Ķeniņš (Canada/Latvia), Līva Kandevica (Latvia), Lote Vilma Vītiņa (Latvia), Maciej Sieńczyk (Poland), Olive Booger (France), Roope Eronen (Finland), Rūta Briede (Latvia), Sergi Puyol (Spain) and Zane Zlemeša (Latvia).

Format: A6, 164 pages, full-color, perfect bound, locally printed in Riga on high quality, environmentally friendly Munken paper

Support: Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation

Get it:  Order it here ($14, international shipping costs included) or get yourself a kuš! subscription and receive also our next titles.


Sergi Puyol
Olive Booger
Jeroen Funke
Līva Kandevica
Anna Haifisch
Maciej Sieńczyk
Lai Tat Tat Wing
 Anna Vaivare

... and much more! Wanna create your own business, get tips and tricks to be more successful with your current ventures, or just want to have a laugh, then better get š! #21 'Business Time now!

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