29 July 2015

kuš! world tour

Illustration by Līva Kandevica

We're already trying hard to spread our comics all around the world, but now, more than ever, we want to swing them directly into your hands! So we're happy to announce, that between August and December we'll make a little world tour.

Here's the schedule:

21-22 August LONDON, UK
Safari Festival
representing kuš!: David Schilter and special guest Marie Jacotey
debuting š! #22 'Fashion' and mini kuš! #34-37

28-30 August HELSINKI, Finland
Helsinki Comics Festival
kuš! reps: Sanita Muižniece, David Schilter and Ingrīda Pičukāne

11-13 September BRUSSELS, Belgium
Cultures Maison
kuš! rep: Oskars Pavlovskis

18-20 September RIGA, Latvia
Cilvēks, kurš zīmē - Exhibition, comics party and workshop with Aisha Franz!

26 September - 4 October BOGOTA, Medellín, Colombia
Taking part in publisher and artist panels, giving a lecture and a workshop about publishing and showing The Last Match.
kuš! rep: David Schilter

17-18 October PARIS, France
Fanzines! Festival
kuš! reps: Sanita Muižniece and David Schilter
debuting kuš! mono #1

31 October FREIBURG, Germany
Print It, Baby!
kuš! rep: König Lü.Q.

31 October Seattle, USA
Absentee table F:32 at Short Run. Trick or treat!
kuš! reps: Bookseller Keith and Daniel Johnson.

5 November New York, USA
David Schilter is part of a panel discussion with Northern European publishers at the NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium. 7pm at Parsons The New School.

6 November BERLIN, Germany 
Redrawing Stories from the Past
Exhibition and debut of š! #23
kuš! rep: Mārtiņš Zutis

7 November BROOKLYN, NY, USA
Comic Arts Brooklyn
Table D1 with new š! #23 and some sold out mini kuš! rarities...
kuš! rep: David Schilter

21-22 November BOLOGNA, Italy
Featuring a special new book debut-The End of A Fence by Roman Muradov!
kuš! reps:  Sanita Muižniece and Līva Kandevica

21-22 November ANTWERPEN, Belgium
Presenting a special exhibition of Diuretic Landscapes by Mārtiņš Zutis!
kuš! rep: David Schilter

27 November, Zürich, Switzerland
VOLUMES 2015, Independent Art Publishing Fair
kuš! rep: König Lü.Q.
The fair is two days, but Lü.Q. will be there with our books only on Friday!

5 December Basel, Switzerland
Comicfest Hirscheneck
kuš! rep: König Lü.Q.

Looking forward to visit you and get high on jet lag. There might be one or two additions to the kuš! world tour™, we'll make sure to update it. See you around!

P.S. Message us if you have a spare couch. We'll trade for spare books and youtube videos.


  1. Hello! Any plans for visiting Holland?

    1. This year we can only make it to Belgium, that's quite close already, but if you have any suggestions of good festivals, please let us know!