5 May 2017

š! #28 'Scandal!' is out now!

kuš! invites you to investigate the shocking, outrageous and downright flagrant pages of our newest anthology š! #28 'Scandal!' An audacious use of talented artists and comic authors to create 164 pages of this brazen visual digest.

Cover by Samplerman

Contributors: Ana Galvañ (Spain), Conxita Herrero (Spain), Dace Sietina (Latvia), Emmi Valve (Finland), Ichasu (Japan), Ingrīda Pičukāne (Latvia),  Jannis Esselbrügge (Germany), König Lü. Q. (Switzerland), Līva Kandevica (Latvia), Līva Piterāne (Latvia), Lukas Weidinger (Austria), Mārtinš Zutis (Latvia), Samplerman (France), Tara Booth (USA), Tsukue Akimoto (Japan), Ville Kallio (Finland), Wakana Yamazaki (Japan), Yoshie (Japan), Zane Zlemeša (Latvia)

Format: A6, 164 pages, full-color, perfect bound, printed in Latvia on high quality and environmentally friendly Munken paper. Released 25 April 2017.

Get it:  Order it here for the criminal price of $13.95 or get a kuš! subscription to make sure you're also receiving all of our upcoming kuš! titles. Worldwide shipping costs are included in the price!

Have a look inside:

To continue checking out all the astonishing work in our latest anthology you can get your copy of kuš! #28 'Scandal' here.


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