11 October 2017

mini kuš! #59-62 preview

The kuš! autumn season is gonna be hot! A new very special anthology, two mind-bending kuš! mono titles and four simply amazing new mini kuš! are awaiting you! Today we announce the new minis, about the rest of the books we'll inform you very soon! 

 Illustration by Noah Van Sciver

The mini kuš! #59-62 line-up is as diverse as ever. Get blown away by four brand new comics by Paula Bulling / Nina Hoffmann (Germany), Noah Van Sciver (USA), Tomasz Niewiadomski (Poland) and Aidan Koch (USA)!

Each mini comes in A6 format and has 28 pages in full color with saddle stitch binding. They will be released on 10 November, 2017.

You can pre-order the 4 mini kuš! together at a special price here or get each mini kuš! separately here. In case you'd also like to get the following š! issues and mini kuš! releases, get a kuš! subscription here. Continue to celebrate the 10 year kuš! anniversary with some of the best alternative comics from around the world!


mini kuš! #59 'Share The Love' by Paula Bulling / Nina Hoffmann

It´s summer in Berlin. Philip and Simone could be lovers. But there is so much to talk about.

mini kuš! #60 'His Last Comic' by Noah Van Sciver

After 20 years of attempting to become a successful comic artist, a frustrated man resolves to publish one final issue with the help of an old witch's mysterious potion.

mini kuš! #61 'Jonah 2017' by Tomasz Niewiadomski

A story about an alchemical journey through time and space, loosely drawing from the Biblical story of Jonah.

mini kuš! #62 'Daughter' by Aidan Koch

Daughter follows the spontaneous visions of a young girl, carried to her through five million years of co-existent evolution between humans and other species – while exploring the idea of genetic history and attachment in a post-earth human colony.

So if you want to see the rest of the stories, better head over to our shop and get them now!

The books will debut at CAB in Brooklyn on  November 11.  Don't miss!


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