25 July 2018

mini kuš! #67-70 preview

The hottest summer in a century just got even more hot with the upcoming release of four blazing hot mini kuš! comics by Mariana Pita, Marlene Krause, Erlend Peder Kvam and Lote Vilma Vītiņa, hot hot hot!

Excerpt from the mini kuš! by Erlend Peder Kvam

Each mini comes in A6 format and has 28 pages in full color with saddle stitch binding. They will be released on 23 August, 2018.

You can pre-order the 4 mini kuš! together at a special price here or get each mini kuš! for only $ 6.00 separately here. In case you'd also like to get the following š! issues and mini kuš! releases, get a kuš! subscription here.

mini kuš! #67 'Day Tour' by Mariana Pita

Doing stuff is hard, especially outside your house. Take one step at a time, get dressed, step out, catch the subway, have a coffee... If you didn’t make it in the end, it’s okay, because you tried.

mini kuš! #68 'Weekend' by Erlend Peder Kvam

It’s the weekend! The time of the week dedicated to relaxation and family life. Our hard-working friend Silvan is immensely excited as he gets a visit from his favourite twins.

mini kuš! #69 'Maud' by Marlene Krause

Maud Wagner (née Stevens, 1877) was one of the very first female tattooists in the world. Her fascinating life full of love, art and challenging the limits of what a woman was allowed to do back then is now made into a colourful graphic narration by comic artist and tattooist Marlene Krause.

mini kuš! #70 'Worms, Clouds, Everything' by Lote Vilma Vītiņa

A passionate hermit has sent you a letter from somewhere in the middle of nowhere. There it is full of trees, rain, grass and, of course, mushrooms.

So if you want to see the rest of these smoking hot comics, better head over to our shop and pre-order them now! Enjoy the summer heat!

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