13 February 2020

Myths of Riga

Comic-Workshop with Marlene Krause

Application deadline: 06 March 2020

Marlene Krause is coming to Riga to lead a comic workshop with the theme "Myths of Riga". Together we'll explore diverse stories of the city and then illustrate them as comics, or invent even new myths. Marlene will give a short introduction to the basics of comics and will show alternatives to the classical page layout, in order to experiment with the form of comics. The best results will after the workshop be printed as riso posters and exhibited at the Goethe-Institut Riga in May.

Workshop Details
Three day workshop: 
20.03.2020 (18.00- 20.00), 21.03.2020 (11.00-18.00), 22.03.2020 (11.00-17.00)
Place: Goethe-Institut Riga, Torna iela 1, Riga, Latvia (Enter from Klostera iela)
The workshop is open for adult participants from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.
Language: English
Participation is free

The spaces are limited, so you need to apply with the following information to kushmens@gmail.com:  
- Name, age, city
- Link to your blog/portfolio (alternatively three drawings, or comics pages)
- Brief motivation letter

Application deadline: 06 March 2020

Workshop Leader 
Marlene Krause is an illustrator, comic artist and tatooist. She lives in Barcelona and is currently undertaking a Master's program in Berlin. She has published two graphic novels (À un autre endroit, L'Association, France, 2013 and Momento Móvil, Apa Apa Comics, Spain 2019) and many smaller zines with comics and drawings, such as mini kuš! Maud in 2018. Her comics are often autobiographic and inspired by daily life.

Travel Grants
The Goethe Institute Riga offers four travel grants of 50.00 euros for participants from Estonia and Lithuania. The application procedure is the same as above, just mention you are interested in a travel grant.

The workshop is organized by Goethe-Institut Riga in collaboration with kuš!

Write to kushmens@gmail.com 


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