5 April 2011

E-mail from Tokyo

It is very scary to all of us what is happening in Fukushima and our thoughts are with the Japanese people wishing them just the best! We received an e-mail from Takeshi Tadatsu and would like to share his thoughts:

hi guys from beautiful days tokyo
we appreciate you guys and many people's help all over the world.
these wishes  encouraged us lot.
after the tremendous earth quakes and tsunami
people just try to restart and rebuild their own life,

same time nuclear plants still same dangerous situation,

both negative and positive perspective exist.
anyhow need long term, they are calm down,
mean time, radiation are running out every seconds ,,,,,from Fukushima
to tokyo, and world,,,,,
so scary ,,,,
hopefully, it's over in minimum damage future world.

here's my drawing about it and it was very difficult to draw,,,,

hope you'll like it.

left side japanese text  means nuclear  plant.


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