8 October 2013

Boomfest 2013, 27.-29. September 2013

Kuš! once again had the excellent opportunity to visit the alternative comics festival Boomfest in St. Petersburg, Russia. This year kuš! was represented by Laura Ķeniņš and Sabīne Moore. Also Dace Sietiņa was there, but this time she was representing The Netherlands in the exhibition of contemporary Dutch comics.

Many thanks for the support by the Latvian Consulate in St. Petersburg and to Dima and his crew for inviting us there!

Here's the colorful 2013 festival report from our global comics correspondents Laura Ķeniņš and Sabīne Moore:

The Boomfest mascot was happy to make new friends

Exhibition opening of Dutch artists including kuš! contributors Jeroen Funke and Dace Sietiņa.

The Dutch exhibitions continued at another venue where Sabine decided to walk into the walk-in comic book.

This was followed by an after-party where German artist Henning Wagenbreth performed (as well as exhibited).

The next morning we were treated to a comics brunch with exhibitions by Tom Gauld, Varvara Pomidor, Francois Ayroles and kuš! contributor Oleg Tischenkov, who also brought his cats to the gallery.

We saw more cats, including a surprising reference to the Black Cat's House in Old Riga, Latvia.

Everything else was grey in St. Petersburg.

More fruits, in fruit-shaped cages.

Laura's submission to the the Boom Fest comic competition, themed 'Traditions'.

Opening of Nobrow's exhibition of prints.

The Kuš! Table and Astro Banana

At one of the parties the power went out but everyone was too busy drawing to notice.

We got to meet up with Laura's friends and compatriots from Koyama Press in Canada, who were staying with this lovely host.

On the final night of the festival everyone enjoyed a dinner together and we decided to make a mini drink-and-draw:
...and continued drawing at a bar where you can also wash your clothes


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