8 May 2016

new and new old minis

We've released a brand new mini kuš! by Laura Ķeniņš and second editions of the sold out minis by Jesse Jacobs, Lala Albert and Anna Vaivare.

Due to the high demand of the mini kuš! by Jesse Jacobs, Lala Albert and Anna Vaivare we decided to reprint them. So if you didn't get them the first time around, now is your chance to catch up! Instead of just reprinting old comics, we also release a special new mini kuš! by Laura Ķeniņš. Her comic 'Alien Beings' is about the 90s, divorce and aliens!

Specs: Each book has 28 pages, full color throughout, offset printed in Latvia on high quality environmentally friendly Munken Pure, saddle stitch binding, format DIN A6. Release: 12 May 2016.

Get them: Order them altogether for $19 here or get each mini kuš! separately for $6 (worldwide shipping costs already included in the price!). Our subscribers get the new mini by Laura Ķeniņš for free (it will be sent together with our next anthology š! #25)!


mini kuš! #42 'Alien Beings' by Laura Ķeniņš

Driving home, a young girl’s family encounters strange lights. After that night, everything begins to change at home.

mini kuš! #27 'Mathematical Solutions for a Global Crisis' by Jesse Jacobs

Within the pages of Mathematical Solutions for a Global Crisis, Jesse Jacobs has solved all the world's largest problems. The answer is much smaller than you think.

Reviews: Der TagesspiegelFestival SeasonFine Fine BooksRob KirbyOptical Sloth

mini kuš! #24 'Swimming Pool' by Anna Vaivare

Anna Vaivare’s protagonist works at the Swimming Pool. She enjoys observing people while keeping herself almost invisible doing her work. When you least expect it she herself plunges into the water and unveils her special secret.

Reviews: The Comics JournalLyderhornComics&ColaFine Fine BooksComics BulletinJohn Seven,  Optical SlothSequential State

mini kuš! #32 'R.A.T. ' by Lala Albert

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? Maybe there is a R.A.T. observing your every move! Read Lala Albert’s comic at your own risk, it might alter your perception forever.

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Laura Ķeniņš will debut her mini kuš! this weekend at TCAF. She can be found in the Wowee Zonk small press area with more of her own zines and with a bunch of kuš! titles. Don't miss out!

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