11 January 2010

Impressions from the Printmaking In Festival

In spite of Pärnu beeing freezing (f****ing) cold we highly enjoyed the very interesting Printmaking In Festival 2010. Despite arriving too late and missing most of the exhibitions we still saw a lot, for example the solo exhibition of the Estonian with the Latvian sounding name Aivars Kurvitis:

Also in the Konstihall was the Glömp X exhibition from Finland (in the front you can see the work from Anna Sailamaa, who was in kuš! "after snowfall"):

More Glömp with Katri Sipiläinen:

Jarno Latva-Nikkola:


and  especially exciting was that the exhibition was extended with a new works, like the one by Mikko Väyrynen, who made a 3D comics about a bird fighting for the nature:

and other exhibition extensions (drawing by Jarno Latva-Nikkola):
another great drawing in the Glömp exhibition (so far anonimous):

Now some pictures from a further highlight, the exhibition from Le Dernier Cri:

Close up (in the middle on the upper row you see a silkprint by Daisuke Ichiba):
even closer up - Léo Quievreux:

Another exhibition featured lino-cuts by Estonian artist Kuusing (probably... unfortunately the Festival catalogue is Estonian-only, so it is hard to understand anything):

The last and maybe most surprising exhibition was in the Pärnu Mall and featured works by school kids, and perhaps it wasn't even part of the Festival, as the catalogue doesn't say anything about it, anyway, let's see some works from Maria Kallau:

Anita Sorokina:

and Karl Krispin:

Until the 31st of January the Festival goes on in Pärnu, Estonia, go and see for yourself! Don't forget to dress up warm but forget about swimming as it is very cold and even the sea is frozen!

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