8 January 2010

long live latvian comics!

In order to also promote Latvian comics artists in Latvia (to people who don't read kuš!) we started to cooperate with TVNET. TVNETs name is confusing as there is not much TV to be seen on this page, well they are one of the most popular Latvian news portals and from now on they will publish a drawing from a Latvian artist every Friday in the section "Entertainment and Culture". They suggested to put it in the section "For Men" but as we have 61.5% female readers according to an unrepresentative survey, we thought let's better publish it somewhere neutral. In the beginning there are drawings from Mārtiņš Zutis, who was one of our most regular kuš! contributors in the last year and who was also published in the Japanese UZO and who draw the picture above which can be see in big format on TVNET... 

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