2 March 2010

2007 - paranormal activities

In Linz we (kuš!) met Heinz Wolf (Kabinett für Wort und Bild, Wien) and Lisa Röper and Michael Meier (Rotopolpress, Kassel) and found out that 2007 was an exceptional year for new comics projects.

(very symbolical?) Illustration from the Kabinett website by Heinz Wolf

All of our organisations were founded in this year. Well, that sure doesn't sound very impressing yet, but if you consider that all the following comics institutions have the same year of birth, it really makes you think, or not?

kuš! (Latvian comics magazine)
Kabinett (comics gallery in Vienna)
Rotopol (comics and illustration gallery and publisher from Kassel)
Kuti Kuti (comics art magazine from Finland)
Boomfest (alternative comics festival St. Petersburg)
UZO (alternative Japanese comics magazine)
Blutt (Swiss student-based comics magazine)
Passenger Press (comics-movie art magazine from Italy)

Do you know any more comics related projects which exist since 2007? Then let us know until June 2016, so we have enough time to start organizing a common 10 year anniversary in 2017.

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