3 March 2010

kuš! exhibition "3 für 1"

In the alternative venue KAPU of the nextComic Festival Linz we presented the kuš! exhibition "3 für 1". The exhibition consists of three parts:

-the last match: 185 artists from 40 countries made a drawing about a last match
-kuš miš maš: a colorful selection of works from Latvian artists Ernests Klavins, Martins Zutis, Maija Liduma, Dace Sietina, Kaspar Grosevs, Anete Melece, Oskars Pavlovskis and Maija Kurseva.
- Anete Melece: She showed a glimpse into her working progress by showing finished works and the sketches to it.


The whole exhibition could also have the name "zoom", as Anete Melece was present in every part, growing from a piece in the size of 16.6 cm2, to a regular size painting to a full wall of drawings. Another name suggested for the exhibition was "Grüezi from Latvia", this will not be explained further though.

Now here are some pictures of the show, comments about them you can read below each of them:

The last match with 185 works...

Heinz Wolf came from Vienna to take a picture of his bloody contribution.

kuš! miš maš - a selection of works from Latvian artists

Details from kuš! miš maš: Maija Kursheva (left), Martins Zutis (not left)

Anete Melece in front of her exhibition.

Details from Anete's work: Daumenkinos on the left, sketches from her Strapazin comics on the right

Ulli Lust (right) from electrocomics (click!!!) also visited our exhibition.

Who says the pictures should be chronological? Well this is not. You see Anete Melece and Kati Rickenbach from Switzerland, drawing a fabulous wall painting. (Merci vilmol, Kati!!!)

No exhibition would be complete without an exhibitionist. Above you see Kušmens (originally developed by Zigmunds Lapsa) selling kuš and he did a pretty good job at it without complaining. 

Thanks also to the super friendly Kapu crew for being great hosts and especially to Christian W. Ellmann for inviting us!