6 March 2010

Comics Biennale in Estonia

On the 16th of April 2010 takes place the first Comics Biennale in Tallinn. Nice to hear that our northern neighbours also are actively promoting comics. Even nicer that they also decided to invite a guest from Latvia. Apart from around 10 Estonian artists (including Joonas Sildre who was featured in š! #1) also Ingrida Picukane is on the guest list. She also gave a pretty funny interview which you can read here, also look at the other interviews to get a small insight into the Estonian comics scene, even though it all sounds rather depressive.... like the Latvian scene, the Estonians lack any comics tradition, but in the same time there is a lot of potential to start a new wave of comics, very different from the existing ones and the Biennale hopefully serves as a further kick.
excerpt from Ingrida's sad story of the potato (featured in Stripburger # 48)


  1. We got a mail from Joonas Sildre telling that there will be two more big comics events in Estonia this year. One Finnish-Estonian exhibition and an exhibition in the children literature centre. So there is actually really a lot happening... nice! We try to keep you updated about it!

  2. could you, please send me more information (links, .jpg, articles) about that comics and more with potato subject? we are working on this theme in my museum- klara.sielicka@ethnomuseum.pl