10 March 2010

Open call for next issue

As we got support for it by the city of Kuldiga, we prepare an issue for the 400th anniversary of Duke Jacob.

Are you interested to take part? The theme is really open in one way, but then again very closed, which makes it also interesting....it just should be something in connection with Duke Jacob or the history of this city, either you could make a comics based on this info only:

"a city that has woollen mills, needle and match factories, breweries and distilleries, a college for teachers and ruins of a castle of the Teutonic Knights"

or you can go to wikipedia and read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuldiga and get there some information, there is actually not to much, then better check www.kuldiga.lv, or make some comics about this guy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Kettler. For Latvians we recommend to find more infos on the archive periodika.lv, where you can find lots of stories connected to old "Goldingen", Tobago, the "bendes nams" and Hercogs Jekabs.

Here are the technical details:
Format: tiff, 300dpi, CMYK
Color: Yes
Size: A6 (postcard size)
Pages: 1-8
Language: English or Latvian
Deadline: 20.04.

Send the comics or your questions to kushmens(at)gmail(.)com. However there is no guarantee, that we publish your comics. We have a limited page number and there might be other reasons why we publish the comics. But we are very open usually and look forward to lots of contributions. If we publish yours, you get a bunch of free magazines and we try to promote your work further.


  1. there will also be two other new issues soon, but there is no open call for now... So if you got invited for another theme, don't be confused...

  2. always surprised that those open calls work, already got two very interesting submissions for this issue!