20 March 2010

Comics Workshop with Sylvain-Moizie

Wednesday and Thursday kuš! was on the Latvian country side in Valmiera with the french comics artists Sylvain-Moize. We didn't just relax there enjoying the snow, no no, we had a very intensive comics workshop with pupils from the Valmiera Art School, where Sylvain introduced the art of creating comics with very interesting and fun methods. After those two days we took Sylvain to the Latvian Art Academy to hold one more workshop in the capital. The participants were just amazing and kuš! can look forward to great contributions from young Latvian artists!

 Sylvain is supervising the pupils from Valmiera

Sylvain following David and Dace through the snow.

Sylvain takes part in the comics-jam. Everyone had to start a story with one panel and the next participants had to continue the story in the same style. After every panel the story rotated, which made this a very fun exercise.

 Here Sylvain is explaining what could be improved.

This is one of the finished jam comics.

The workshop was supported by the "co-operation Bas-Rhin - Vidzeme" and by the French Culture Centre in Riga.

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