17 June 2010

Eastern European Comics

Are you interested in Eastern European comics? If not, then you probably shouldn't go to this very beautifully made new portal collecting information about comics from the better half: http://www.easterneuropeancomics.com

Dace Sietina from Latvia made the nice cut-out map on which you can click on the different states to dive in (or drive in with the overcrowded bus) to the different comic scenes of the countries and find out more about their artists, festivals and magazines. In Eastern Europe is still a lot of development going on, so we hope that this site will be kept up to date. The internet should make it possible, also if the people behind this site are from the Netherlands. Sometime there should also be made some corrections on the page, as currently some Latvian artists are actually from Hungary and some Estonians are true Latvians, but who cares in the end where they are from, when you get to discover new comics...

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  1. this is an amazing idea!
    thanks for posting this