26 July 2010

newest kuš! fresh from print

Today we received the newest issue fresh from print! It contains 100 pages of comics about music from the following artists:  Bulats Ratkevičs (LV), diceindustries (D), Dunja Janković (HR), Edda ‘Dead' Strobl (A), Fermín Solís (ES), Frost (LV), Geneviève Castrée (CA), HAZ (ES), Helmut Kaplan (A), Ingrīda Pičukane (LV), John Porcellino (USA), Kaspars Groševs (LV), König Lü. Q. (CH), krimi (D), Léo Quiévreux (F), Maija Kurševa (LV), Mārtiņš Zutis (LV), Matthew Thurber (USA), Miriam Katin (USA), Olive Booger (F), Pakito Bolino (F), Paul Paetzel (D), Roope Eronen (FI), Sabīne Moore (LV), Tomasz Niewiadomski (PL)
Format: A5 (twice as big as š!), 100 pages, perfect bound, full-color, English, Ls 1.90, $ 8.00, € 6.00

You can get it soon in Riga in LUKABUKA, Galerija ISTABA, Randoms, Dirty Deal and Muhamors veikals or around Latvia in Janis Roze bookshops and at Veikaliņš "pa Galms" in Liepājā. Outside Latvia you can order it already now by mailing to komikss(at)gmail.com (shipping costs are $ 3.00 or € 2.00)

Here some preview pictures (some more on www.komikss.lv):


 Roope Eronen

This issue was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Latvian state Culture Capital Foundation (VKKF)


  1. Looks like the best piece yet :)

  2. For sure the heaviest:) It at least isn't the best issue for carrying up to the kuš! headquarters on the top floor of a building without elevator... Next issue we should print in A 10 format on bible paper!

  3. Yo ya lo tengo en mis manos, ha quedado fenomenal!!!

  4. Recibido!
    Totally precious book, a real honor to be in it!