9 August 2010

10 interesting facts about reasons to buy our latest issue

1. Do you like music? Then you should like this issue, it is all about music, made by artists who mostly make music themselves.

2. 24 international artists have made a special, previously never published, contribution to this issue.

3. The beautiful cover by Léo Quiévreux is all hand made and the girl in blue on the back can be seen in this music video by New Order.

4. Daniel Johnston has approved the publication of the comics by Olive Booger visualizing the song „Never Relaxed“. We highly recommend to listen to the song when reading the comics!

5. The Latvians Sabine Moore, Bulats Ratkevics (see excerpt below) and Frost got published for the first time.

6. This issue features a new comics by the Godfather of Fanzines John Porcellino. He draws comics for over 25 years having influenced a lot of American cartoonists, but the comics featured in kuš! is only his second comics ever made in full color!

 7. Miriam Katin got obsessed with beating notes and said she will use this idea developed for her story also in her upcoming graphic novel, she even sent us a preview:

8. Roope Eronen's comics are unfortunately just too seldom to be seen outside of Finland, so this is one rare opportunity!

9. König Lü. Q. is always great for a good laugh. He has unfortunately missed to contribute to the last issue about Duke Jacob, but now he is back with another literature interpretation.

10. Next to international comics stars this issue features also Latvian stars, for example, Maija Kurševa, who currently has an exhibition in the Latvian museum for contemporary art KIM?.

11. Have you ever read a comics, where the protagonist is an amalgam between a revolver and a dwarf? We dare you to do it for the first time in the story by Tomasz Niewiadomski.

12. There are also great contributions by the following artists not mentioned above: diceindustries (D), Dunja Janković (HR), Edda ‘Dead' Strobl (A), Fermín Solís (ES), Geneviève Castrée (CA), HAZ (ES), Helmut Kaplan (A), Ingrīda Pičukane (LV), Kaspars Groševs (LV), (CH), krimi (D), Mārtiņš Zutis (LV), Matthew Thurber (USA), Pakito Bolino (F) and Paul Paetzel.

13. We are well aware that this issue features "only" 7 Latvian artists, it might be due to the reason that "nobody draws in Latvia" as some visitor sarcastically mentioned at our exhibition of the Latvian French collective Le Dernier Cri. Well, if you are Latvian and draw comics, you are very welcome to always send us your works, we are very grateful about that and happy to publish more and more locals. Our contact data you find on page 3 of kuš!

14. It is soooo super cheap, really! You can now get it in Riga at Lukabuka, Randoms, Dirty Deal, Muhamors, Gallerija Istaba and soon also in Janis Roze bookshops in whole Latvia. All over the world you can buy it via mail to komikss(at)gmail(.)com, more info on our webpage.

15. There are much more than 10 reasons why you should buy this book, one more you see below.

16. This is the thickest kuš! ever with 100 pages of finest contemporary comics art. Did you know, that when you buy it, you automatically support the next issue? Yeah, you heard right, if there will be enough "supporters", the next issue might become even thicker. Let's not put kuš! on a diet, right? You know what to do.... (go here)

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