30 November 2010

kuš! tote bag

We have new tote bags. Martins Zutis made the design for it, which we silkscreenprinted by hand. The bag is an ideal christmas present. Actually you should get it even before christmas, then you can use it to make your christmas shopping.

The bag is out of 100% cotton and can be stuffed with lot of presents and other things. By the way, the bag is multifunctional! In case you go shopping with a grumpy boyfriend, then you can put the bag over his head and he will immediately smile....

So order your bag now via kushmens(at)gmail(.)com. We only made 3 pieces so far, but if there is a higher demand we might print some more. One bag costs 7 euros/10 dollars and shipping is 4 euros/6 dollars.

Have a happy shopping time!


  1. Can I make a totebag for you as well? It could be for free, I don't mind <3

  2. Hey Smutki! Thanks for your offer! Currently we unfortunately don't make such prints very regularly and if we do, then we invite kuš! artists, but who knows, maybe we will do it more often after a while...