21 December 2010

mini kuš! collection

We released 4 new comics in a new collection entitled "mini kuš!". Featured artists are Ruedi Schorno with the story "Bearslayer Returs", Mārtiņš Zutis with "Being", Till Hafenbrak with "Weeding" and Kuba Woynarowski with "The Story of Gardens". All the comics are loosely connected to the theme "modern heros" and are fully in English with Latvian subtitles or vice-versa.

Here is a little preview:

mini kuš! # 1 With ‘Bearslayer Returns’ Swiss artist and watchful explorer of Latvian identity, Ruedi Schorno brings the famous Latvian epos to a new sombre present. More info about Ruedi’s projects you can find on www.ruedischorno.ch

mini kuš! # 2 Who had ever thought that chimneys could be so cute and chimney sweepers so wise? Besides this, the story ‘Being’ by Latvian artist Mārtiņš Zutis (www.martinszutis.lv) also offers many other enlightenments...

mini kuš! # 3 ‘Weeding’ is the seemingly harmless title of Berlin-based artist Till Hafenbrak’s story unveiling the atrocious secrets behind the walls of a beautiful mansion. Till’s homepage can be found here: www.hafenbrak.com.

mini kuš! # 4 Polish artist Kuba Woynarowski (http://phantascope.blogspot.com) depicts a wild uninhabited environment in the process of deconstruction of human artifacts, leaving it uncertain whether it is in a zone of alienation or if mankind has vanished completely.

Format of each issue: A6, 20 full-color pages, stiched binding.
Price: Get one for $ 4.50, € 3.00 (including shipping) or get all together for $ 11.00, € 8.00 (shipping also included). Order them from kushmens(at)gmail(.)com or buy them here on our webshop. Soon it will also be available in shops in Riga.

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