16 December 2010

we didn't answer your mail?

Didn't we answer your mail? Well, we must tell you in this case we didn't receive it, because we answer to all letters we receive! We love to receive mail and are always very thankful. Currently there seems to be a bug in the post as a lot of mail doesn't reach us. In the best cases the senders just get it back, because the mailman mixed up Latvia with Lesotho or Las Vegas, but other letters just disappear. That's why we ask you to send us all letters with registered mail (in French "recommandé"). Seriously! We know it is more expensive and it takes an eternity to fill out those papers. We also kind of hate those letters, as for those we always need to go to the post office and then they look at our passports to check if it is really us and then we even have to sign some papers and sometimes there even is a huge line at the post office, not to mention the snow outside... Well but it is still much better than knowing that the letter got lost and in the last year we estimate that at least 50% of letters to us did get lost. So feel free to mail us something, but please take your time to register it!

So just mail us to this address and don't forget to register the letter:

D. Schilter
Robežu iela 18/4
Riga, LV-1004

Sometimes letters do arrive, like this one from Jeroen de Leijer from the Netherlands. See! If you look closely you may notice, that the stamps are not even stamped, the mailman probably didn't want to destroy Dagobert Duck, however this letter wasn't even registered, well it is the 50% rule, the next letter will disappear again and it might be yours..
Ah and now you might think, yeah right, these kuš! guys have such a mess, that's why they didn't answer me. No, no, it just looks like that, everything is perfectly organized, write to Jeroen, if you don't trust us.

Now you might ask why we didn't answer your e-mails? Well, come on, don't write "chat with me" or "your secret admirer" in the subject line, that smells too much like spam. Ok, might be a bad example, as actually we opened and also answered these two e-mails. Maybe it is also because our inbox looks even much messier than our desk. So just mail us again (kushmens/at/gmail.com) if you expect an answer and we really didn't answer you yet - we'll give it another try...


  1. Great to see recieved the mail in Riga. I was a bit worried because of Dagobert Duck.Perhaps they didn't put a stamp on it because of the strike in Holland. All the best! Jeroen.

  2. I'm honored to have my e-mail mentioned : ) haha